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Electric Saw


This is a picture of my dad and me after I had just finished one of my first projects with him.  Growing up my dad was often in his basement workshop making anything he could for his four kids…toys, bunk beds, furniture, you name it.  It was only later I realized how I had taken for granted the knowledge and skill set he had in regards to woodworking and regretted not learning more from him when I was young. 

Once my wife and I purchased our first house I quickly realized we needed to upgrade our furniture, as my thrift store/side of the road finds from my bachelor pad were not going to make the cut in our new home.  Rather than buy, I thought it would be more fun to make it myself.  I called my dad and asked if he would help make a console table for the house.  I was immediately hooked.  After the table, I began to make anything else I could think of for the home: patio table, end table, firewood storage, compost bin, etc.  After completing each project however, it was becoming more apparent just how much there is to learn in the world of woodworking.  I soon enrolled at the Chicago School of Woodworking, taking classes on Monday nights over the next year and a half learning from the pros, all the while slowly accumulating more tools in my workshop. 

My focus on end grain cutting boards evolved over the next year.  It was only after I made one as a gift that someone else had seen it and asked if they could have one as well.  That turned into another order, and then another, and it wasn’t long before cutting boards became the center of my operation.  I have come to enjoy the specialization of end grain cutting boards as this focus allows me to know my product inside and out, create new and unique designs, as well as fully understanding the care and maintenance that each piece requires.  

My wife and I have three young children so I scratch out what time I can in the shop typically at night after everyone has gone to bed.  My full time job is a middle school PE teacher which helps bankroll this hobby of mine, and I also work as an assistant coach at Aurora University for the men's volleyball team. 


I would love the chance to make a custom piece for you to add to your kitchen!  Please contact me with any questions!

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